Office-bearers of the Party Powers and functions of each of these office-bearers has been stated in Article V of the Constitution-

Primary Level –

Village Committee (Gram Sabha)/ Ward Committee (Ward Samiti)-

  1. Village/Ward President
  2. Village/Ward Vice President
  3. Village Secretary

Block/Mandal Committee-

  1. Block President
  2. Block Vice President
  3. Block Secretary

Vidhan Sabha Committee-

  1. Vidhan Sabha President
  2. Vidhan Sabha Vice President
  3. Vidhan Sabha Secretary

District Committee-

  1. District President
  2. District Vice President
  3. District General Secretary

Regional Level Committees (Commissionary Committee, Zonal Committee, Regional Committee, formulated as per the directions of the National Executive, according to the needs and requirements of different States)-

  1. Commissionary/Zonal/Regional President
  2. Commissionary/Zonal/Regional Vice-President
  3. Commissionary/Zonal/Regional Secretary

At each of these levels, the role of the President, Vice President and Secretary shall be as stated in subsequent Para.

State Level

  1. State President
  2. State Vice President
  3. State Treasurer
  4. State General Secretary

 National Level

  1. National President
  2. National Vice President
  3. National Treasurer
  4. National General Secretary

In addition, there shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer at various levels for each of the Wings created by National Council of the Party. There shall also be a maximum 25 members in the various Executive bodies of these Wings at various levels.